Information for visitors of Munkfors-Ransäter

The current situation with the Covid-19 pandemic affects both events and places
of interest in Munkfors-Ransäter as well as the rest of Värmland.
Many events have been canceled and some attractions have changed opening hours.
Please note that opening hours may be changed at short notice.

It is still important that you avoid crowded places and follow the general recommondations to avoid spreading the infection!

Stay up to date on the situation through krisinformation.se

Hiking trails
Hiking is a great way to explore our wonderful nature. Choose from 17 hiking trails of varying terrain, length and difficulty.
The highest natural waterfall of river Klarälven, with a vertical drop of 17 meters.
There are many interesting museums with a mixture of history, culture, humor and more.
Summer in Munkfors-Ransäter is packed with different events, big and small. There´s something for everyone!
We enjoy having you here and can offer more than 370 beds in different environmenst. Feel free to stay as long as you want!
Try the 90 kilometer long and car-free outdoor experience Klarälvsbanan! Easily accessible as it passes right through Munkfors.
Munkfors on


Welcome to Munkfors-Ransäter

You are never far away from music and enjoyable tales in Munkfors-Ransäter.
Our festivals combine cultural experiences with events that make you smile.

In June we begin with a folk music festival in Ransäter with dancing and performances in barns and on stage.
F.A. Dahlgran was born and raised in Ransäter and is the author of 
the well-known play Värmlänningarna, which you are able to enjoy around Midsummer in the beautiful amphitheatre.

In July Ransäter is invaded by accordion players when one of the largest accordion festivals in the world, Bälgspel vid landsvägskanten, is held at Ransäters Hembygdsgård.
In Munkfors theres a folk comedy festival held every year with lots of good old fashioned humour.

There are many more events in addition to the above mentioned as well as activities and attractions.
Make sure you pick up an event program so you don't miss the fun!