Visit the childhood home and school of former Prime Minister of Sweden (1946-1969), Tage Erlander, in Ransäter.
Erlandergården is a memorial museum, dedicated to the memory of one of Sweden's most beloved (social democratic) politicians and Prime Ministers, Mr Tage Erlander. It is located in the small village of Ransäter, in the heart of beautiful Värmland. This is where Tage Erlander was born in 1901, in the school house. Tage Erlander's father was the local school teacher and the family lived on the second floor, above the actual school. This whole building, almost 200 years old, is today a museum, where you can see and touch a piece of Swedish history - both in the school and in the apartment above. Original pieces of handcrafted furniture as well as handmade carpets and curtains will make you think you stepped back in time. Erlander was Prime Minister of Sweden for 23 years (1946-1969).

Adjacent to the old school house is a newer building, built in the late 1980's, where an exhibition about the life and career of Tage Erlander is on permanent display. Here you can learn quite a bit about Sweden's political history as well as the history of the Social democratic party. An interesting and quite remarkable fact is that Tage Erlander is to date the one democratically elected Head of State in all of the Western World, to have held office for the longest consecutive time, in modern history.

Erlandergården also has a café and a giftshop.
Opening hours

May 23-June 21
Tuesday-Sunday 11 am-4 pm

June 23-August 23
Tuesday-Sunday 10 am-5 pm

Closed on Mondays.
Other times on request.
Erlandervägen 5
684 93 Ransäter
Erlandervägen 5
684 93 Ransäter
Municipality: Munkfors
Erlandergården ligger centralt beläget i Ransäter med närhet till Klarälven, museum och logi med mera.
Länsbuss linje 600 stannar precis utanför Erlandergården.
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Pricetype: Adult
Price: 60 kr
Free admission under the age of 18.
Pricetype: Children and youth
Price: 0 kr
Under the age of 18.