Information Covid-19

General guidelines from the Public Health Agency

As from September 29th 2021 the following applies:

Prevent the spread of COVID-19

Getting the vaccine is the best way to avoid serious illness and the spread of COVID-19.

If you are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19, special attention should be paid to people in a risk group and those aged 70 and over. You should take precautions to avoid infection yourself and to avoid spreading COVID-19. When possible, you should:

  • keep a distance from other people
  • avoid close contact with people in a risk group, and people who are aged 70 and over.

These guidelines do not apply to people under the age of 18 years, or to people who have been recommended not to get vaccinated against COVID-19 for medical reasons.

Protect others from the risk of COVID-19 infection

Everyone should pay attention to symptoms of COVID-19. If you suspect that you have COVID-19, you should stay at home and avoid contact with other people.

Recommendations to those entering Sweden from abroad

The recommendation to get tested for COVID-19 upon arrival in Sweden applies until 31 October. 
Recommendation for all travellers to get tested for COVID-19 after arriving in Sweden

People who are fully vaccinated are exempted.

For more information about Covid-19 and guidelines, please see the Public Health Agency.