Laxholmen Kulturhus i Munkfors

The exhibitions this year offers you art in various forms, materials and techniques. Surely there will be something that catches your eye!
Enjoy art of quality in spectacular Laxholmen Kulturhus located next to Klarälvens highest natural waterfall in Munkfors.

Described below are the different exhibitions you can visit during the summer of 2020.

For the fifth consecutive year, the artist and poet Hans Westlund has been given the confidence to set up this summer's exhibition at Laxholmen Kulturhus in Munkfors.
RecycleArt 2020
20 artists from Sweden will contribute with art of varied form. It's up to the artists how they want to mediate this years highly topical theme.

For sure, it will be an exciting mix of artists and artwork!

Art by artist Bo Englund
Bo Englund, originally from Munkfors but nowadays lives in Strängnäs, has worked as a sculptor since 1976. He works in bronze, clay, wood, iron and stone. In 2002 he donated a collection of sculptures to Munkfors municipality. Some of the sculptures are now a permanent exhibit at Laxholmen. In addition, there are also sculptures placed in and around Munkfors centre. The sculptures have themes such as Genisis and Yin-Yang. Bo has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Scandinavia, Germany and Italy. He is also represented in various city and county collections including Statens Konstråd (National Art council) and the Museum of Gotland.

In 2017, Munkfors municipality received another donation of sculptures by the artist and a Bo Englund scholarship was established.

- Childrens painting corner.
- Café.

Previous exhibitions in reverse chronological order:

Initiator Hans Westlund and 26 other artists. NATURE OFF COURSE.

Initiator Hans Westlund and 47 other artists represented Värmland, where every municipality participated with 3 artist each: #ART144VÄRMLAND.

Initiator Hans Westlund and 11 other artists: TBTH- The Best They Have.

Initiator Hans Westlund and 16 other artists: Go big or go home- go small or do not go at all.

Göran Hägg & Stefan Lindqvist: Tung (Heavy).
Bo Englund & Axel Florin.
Josefin Elfgren: Late night wine art

Åke Mokvist: De ovanligas museum.
Bo Englund & Axel Florin.
Art prints from Hans Jansens gallery: De drogo till Värmland.
Team Book: Vår resa i körslaget 2013 (Our journey in Körslaget 2013)

Åke Mokvist: De ovanligas museum.
Bo Englund & Axel Florin.
Group exhibition: The moose.

Åke Mokvist: De ovanligas museum.
Bo Englund, Axel Florin, Robert Jäppinen och Knut Olsson.

Lars Lerin
Opening hours

June 13-August 15
Thursday-sunday 11 am-5 pm

Midsummer Eve closed.
Munkfors-Ransäter Turistbyrå
Tallåsvägen 12
684 30 Munkfors
Laxholmen Kulturhus i Munkfors
Laxholmsvägen 6
684 31 Munkfors
Municipality: Munkfors
Laxholmen Kulturhus ligger vackert beläget vid Munkforsen, Klarälvens högsta naturliga vattenfall, i Bruksparken.
Travel directions: Follow the roadsigns on RV62 north of Munkfors towards "Laxholmen". Handicap access: Yes.
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Pricetype: Adult
Price: 60 kr
Pricetype: Child
Price: 0 kr
Under the age of 12.
Pricetype: Senior citizen
Price: 50 kr