Right of public access

The right of public access is a fantastic and unique opportunity for all of us to to experience the countryside, roam freely in nature and enjoy the sports and outdoor activities we love.

This is also why it's of utmost importance to respect and care for nature, wildlife, landowners and others who are outdoors.
The basic rule is to not disturb and not destroy!

You make use of the right of public access when you ride a bike, go jogging, hike or pick berries in the forest, paddle a kayak or when you contemplate life while sitting on a rock.

Do you know what you may and may not do? 
It is important that you find out what the rights and obligations are.

Download and read the information from Naturvårdsverket (the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency) about what applies to different activities.
Be sensible - show that you care about nature so that we all can continue to enjoy and access the outdoors.
Please note that strict demands apply on those who conduct organized activities in nature.

"Please, leave nothing but footprints."